Power Washing & Soft Washing

House Washing / Soft Washing

So the question we get asked all the time is whether they should have their home or business pressure washed or soft washed… For the most part high pressure is the old way to clean most homes and many surfaces. Time has changed and so has pressure washing. Soft washing gets to the root of the problem which is to kill the algae, mold, and bacteria. This eliminates it all down to the spores which will keep your surface clean for years to come. That’s A Wrap goes the extra mile by pre-watering and post water all plants and shrubs to protect them during the cleaning. We handle all residential, commercial, H.o.a-apartment/condo complexes, retail stores, restaurants.

Getting your house cleaned is the most simple and easy way to increase curb appeal and value to your home! 

Gutter Brightening

All exterior gutters are included in our house washes. Sometimes that just isn’t enough to get those stubborn old gutters clean. Over time they become oxidized and get what we call “tiger stripes”. This is a separate process which is specifically needed to remove that black oxidation. This application includes a special chemical followed by scrubbing the gutter with brushes to break the hold, the oxidation has on the gutter. That’s A Wrap will have your gutters looking as close to new as possible.

Pressure Washing

So your job requires high pressure? No Problem!

We specialize in cleaning all types of surfaces, such as; concrete, stone, pavers , brick, stucco, pvc fence, painted surfaces, wood. When it comes to mold algae, bacteria, stains, oil, dirt and grime we have the knowledge to know what to treat and clean the area without damaging shrugs, plants, painted surfaces, etc. We use professional surface cleaners which leave behind a perfectly clean area without the “zebra striping” which comes from using the wand.


  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Trex
  • Wood

House Wash

  • Stone 
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl 
  • Brick
  • Wood shingles 

Roof Cleaning

Ever wonder what all those black streaks are on your roof?  Would you believe that is mold, mildew, and bacteria growing! Yes, it’s called gloeocapsa magma which is a species of bacteria. Our trained staff will know whether to use low pressure or high pressure based upon the surface of the roof in order to keep the integrity of the roofing material. We get to the root of the problem by killing all the organic growth and bacteria down the spores. This will help keep your roof clean for years to come.  Instantly added curb appeal and value to your home at the same time.