Our Services

Boat Detailing   

Our “That’s Detailing “Is a full boat detailing service in which we only use the best products to restore it as close to new as possible. This includes a complete wash and chamois hand dry of all exterior surfaces including vinyl, metal, non-skid, and windows. All fish boxes and compartments are cleaned thoroughly and brightwork is then polished. We then apply a high-grade wax using a variable speed power buffer, making it look like the day it left the showroom.

Bottom Paint

If you store your boat in the water at least part of the year, keeping the hull free of marine growth with one or more coats of quality antifouling paint is critical to keep it performing its best—and for reducing fuel costs. ”Thats a Wrap” takes the headache out of getting your boat ready for the season with our mobile bottom paint service. No more bending down and laying on your back having paint drip all over the place. “That’s a Wrap” will go wherever your boat is and take all the stress away. We use a High-quality Ablative paint, unless your boat requires something different or you provide your own. Whether your boat is on a trailer or blocked up we take the necessary steps to make sure the job is done right, and everything is clean when were down.

“That’s Detailing” Premium Detail & Compound

This is for boats that have had some oxidation and water spots or when waxing along just won’t bring back that beautiful finish it once had. This service includes the “That’s Detailing’s” service and a true 3 step compound process to ensure that the finish will last much longer then some other companies that only use a 1 step cleaner and polish in one.
Also Available:

  • Weekly and Bi-weekly washes
  • Power Washing
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • Engine Compartment cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Rain X Windows


Boats & Water Craft

All boats, regardless of size or shape, receive a completely customized shrink wrap job.  Location is not a factor as we can wrap a boat in the water (weather permitting), on cinder blocks, or on a trailer. Belly bands are used to anchor the wrap to your boat. To protect the paint job, we shrink wrap all boats to the water line, not just the gunnels.  Unless specified by the customer, all trailers and outboards (including props) are completely shrink wrapped.   Our frames consist of strapping and individually measured 2x3s to create the proper angles needed for water to runoff the finished product.  For maximum strength and protection, all folds are completely taped.  Proper vents, not holes, are included in every job.  Doors and moisture packs are available upon request.  By far, our customized shrink wrapping gives the greatest degree of protection on the market. We offering weekly and Bi weekly washes as well.

Buildings & Structures

We specialize in wrapping all types of structures regardless of size and or shape. We can fully or partially enclose a structure depending on the customer’s needs. Doors are available to allow access once the structure is enclosed. These types of jobs are highly customized and weather dependent so if interested please call early to reserve your slot.


Shrink wrapping is a proven cost effective method used to protect aircraft during periods of inactivity. No matter the size or shape our wrap is shrunk to provide each aircraft a custom fit. For additional strength all folds are taped and face the rear of the aircraft. Strapping is then used to further secure and tie down the wrap to the unit. Moisture bags and vents are utilized to mitigate both moisture and air flow.

Outdoor Furniture Shrink Wrapping

When it comes to shrink wrapping outdoor furniture, there is a wrong way, and then there is the right way. When we shrink wrap your outdoor furniture the right way, we shrink wrap the entire product. We use a single piece of plastic and enclose the entire item within. Most shrink wrappers only shrink wrap the top half leaving the bottom portion of the shrink wrapped item exposed to the elements. This allows leaves and animals an opening to collect and reside around your furniture. Again, the goal here at That’s A Wrap is to protect your investment.