Our Services

Shrink Wrapping

Boats & Water Craft

All boats, regardless of size or shape, receive a completely customized shrink wrap job.  Location is not a factor as we can wrap a boat in the water (weather permitting), on cinder blocks, or on a trailer.

Buildings & Structures

We specialize in wrapping all types of structures regardless of size and or shape. We can fully or partially enclose a structure depending on the customer’s needs.

Vehicles & Trailers

Shrink wrapping is a cost effective method to protect the exterior of your cars and trailers during periods of inactivity.

Outdoor Furniture

We shrink wrap your outdoor furniture the right way, we shrink wrap the entire product. Let us help you protect your investment.


Boat Detailing & Bottom Paint

"That's Detailing"

This is for boats that have had some oxidation and water spots or when waxing along just won’t bring back that beautiful finish it once had. This service includes the “That’s Detailing’s” service and a true 3 step compound process to ensure that the finish will last much longer then some other companies that only use a 1 step cleaner and polish in one.

Bottom Paint

If you store your boat in the water at least part of the year, keeping the hull free of marine growth with one or more coats of quality antifouling paint is critical to keep it performing its best—and for reducing fuel costs. ”Thats a Wrap” takes the headache out of getting your boat ready for the season with our mobile bottom paint service.

House Washing

Getting your house cleaned is the most simple and easy way to increase curb appeal and value to your home! If not maintained over the years , this can lead to permanent staining and oxidation that sometimes can’t be removed.